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Kings Mountain Elementary School

A California Distinguished School • 211 Swett Road, Woodside, CA 94062 • 650-712-7180

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pic Elizabeth Schuck

Principal and Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum
M.A., Elementary Reading, Cal State Long Beach
Ph.D., Institutional Management, Pepperdine University

Elizabeth was born and raised in Pasadena, California. She wanted to be a teacher even when she was a young girl. And so began her work in education as a classroom instructional assistant and she continued teaching in various capacities for the next twelve years in Los Angeles and Anaheim.

In Anaheim, she served as a district program assistant for one year, before being appointed as principal, a position she held for the next seven years. During her tenure in Anaheim, she was recognized as both Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year. In 1997, Elizabeth moved to Northern California and worked as principal in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Elizabeth is new to Kings Mountain School but not to the Cabrillo district. For seven years, Elizabeth was Cabrillo Unified School District's Director of Programs for English and Second Language Learners. She also directed the district's Migrant Education and Adult Education Programs.

Elizabeth believes it is critical to be an active member in the community. As such, she is a member of the Education Committee of the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce, as well as a member of the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay.

Elizabeth loved books as a child. Her favorite book was "Custard the Dragon." Elizabeth is excited about being the principal of Kings Mountain Elementary. She has heard many wonderful things about the students and the parent community. Her greatest hope is for each and every child to have the support they need to succeed in school. She thinks children need to believe that they can achieve whatever their heart desires!

pic Gretchen Ross

Site Director
B.A., Education, Mills College
M.A., School Administration, San Francisco State University

Gretchen brings a wealth of experience. She taught for 15 years; directed a reading project for 10 years. And, she held the post of administrator for 13 years. This is her second year as Site Director at Kings Mountain School. Gretchen says, "It is so wonderful to be part of this community." Gretchen was born in Nebraska. She has a great husband, two grown daughters, one grown son and four of the world's greatest grandchildren. When asked what she likes about the school, she answers, "What's not to like? I appreciate the students, the staff, and the parents. I love the feeling of community at Kings Mountain School." She is most proud about bringing leadership and support to our school. Her hobbies include stitchery, reading and travel. A favorite books from childhood: Nancy Drew Mysteries. Something Gretchen really values in a student is respect (for adults and other students) and cooperation within the classroom and on the playground.

pic Trisha Perrick

School Secretary

Trish is a native to the Bay Area having grown up in South San Francisco. She has worked in a secretarial positions most of her career. One of her most fun jobs was working at the Dakin Toy Company. After having fun there she settled into a job at PG&E, which lasted for fourteen years. She took a break from paid work for seven years to raise her daughter and assist her husband in raising his two children, now 17 and 18. Trisha has lived on the coast for over ten years. She feels that it is a wonderful opportunity to be at Kings Mountain School and loves it here! Her daughter, Vanessa, has been attending the school for four years and is happy to have her mom with her. Trisha loves animals and crafts of all kinds and crochets blankets when she can.
pic Jon Lowings

Kindergarten Teacher
B.A. Recreation Administration, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Teaching Credential, San Francisco State University

Jon began teaching last year, but had previously been the Director of the Kings Mountain Children's Center for eight years, so he knew what he was getting into as a teacher here. He was born and raised in Half Moon Bay where he makes his home with his wife (of five years), Michelle; his son (of three years), Sam; his daughter (of one year), Claire: and his dog (of seven years), Jenny. What he likes most about Kings Mountain School is the small size, the wonderful location, the great community and, of course, the children. He is most proud about establishing an after school program that children love at Kings Mountain School. Jon enjoys being physically active and some of his activities include surfing, bike riding, snowboarding, walking his dog and playing with his children. "Where the Red Fern Grows" is a favorite book of his from childhood. Something he really values in a student is a good attitude. Jon remarks, "I love being part of a wonderful school."

pic Debbie Silveria

First and Second Grade Teacher
B.A., Business Management
Teaching Credential, Cal State Hayward

Debbie has been teaching for six years, five of them at Kings Mountain School. This year Debbie was a recipient of the prestigious J. Russell Kent Award because of her work in our District's summer, Pre-Kindergarten Program.

Originally from San Francisco, she now makes her home on the Coast with her husband, Dave and three children: Chelsey, a senior, Cody, a sophomore (both at Half Moon Bay High) and Chet, a fifth grader. What she likes about Kings Mountain School is the intimate, redwood setting. "It feels like Little House on the Prairie." She is most proud about bringing dedication, balance and a caring atmosphere to our school. Debbie's hobbies include baseball, reading, skiing, basketball, tennis and dance. She loved Nancy Drew Mysteries as a child and puts "The Secret of the Hidden Clock" high on her favorite list. Something Debbie really values in a student is perseverance and always trying their personal best.

pic Sue Bolton

Second and Third Grade Teacher
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
CLAD Certification

Sue has been teaching for sixteen years, including six at Kings Mountain School, nine teaching K to 3 at El Granada School and one year as a Math Consultant at Hatch School. She is a native of Massachusetts. She lives with her husband, Jim and has a son, J.R. and daughter, Le-Le.

After being nominated by parents at the school, Sue was named outstanding Teacher for 2006 by the Prudential California Realty's Education foundation.

What she likes most about Kings Mountain School is the beauty of the redwoods; it's peacefulness. What Sue is most proud about bringing to KM School is flexibility and a sense of humor. She loves to travel, walk and read. Two of her favorite childhood books are "Make Way for Ducklings" and "Blueberries for Sal." Something Sue really values in a student is honesty. "Everyday I come to work with a big smile on my face. I love teaching at Kings Mountain School!"

pic Elizabeth Delfatti

Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher
B.S., Environmental Toxicology, UC Davis
Teaching Credential, National University

New to the staff, Elizabeth Delfatti, is bringing a fresh perspective and skill set to the 4/5 classroom. As a first-year teacher, she particularly loves the small, intimate and caring environment provided by the teachers, parents and students at the school. She says it feels like an extended family.

A native of Northern California, Ms. Delfatti has lived in Marin and Sonoma counties. In the past she has worked as an environmental toxicologist supporting litigation for hazardous waste and spent the next ten years as a professional dog trainer. Prior to coming to Kings Mountain School, she had taken time off to raise her daughter Becca, a student here, as well as get her teaching credential.

Ms. Delfatti has been married for 22 years to her husband Daniel. She and her family recently moved to the coastside where she enjoys taking long walks with Banner, her gentle dog.

She had many favorite books as a child but "Black Beauty" had the biggest impact on her.

The thing that she values most in a student is the ability to come in ready to learn and be ready to raise questions or ask for help when needed. She says, "I am here for the kids. I strive to provide an environment where students feel safe, welcome and challenged."
pic Silvio Aguilar

Physical Education Teacher
M.A., Physical Education

This is Silvio's 22nd year teaching P.E. He was born and raised in San Francisco. With four brothers and two sisters, he comes from a large family. He is the father of an eight-year old daughter and a five-year old son.

What he likes about Kings Mountain School is the mountain setting and the enthusiasm of the students. He is most proud about bringing his expertise in movement education to Kings Mountain School. He also finds rewarding observing students getting better.

His hobbies include umpiring baseball and refereeing basketball. "Zorro" is a favorite book of his. Something he really values in a student is his/her determination to improve. Silvio says, "This is my tenth year teaching at Kings Mountain. I feel lucky to teach in this special environment!"

pic Lynne Carlton

School Librarian
B.A., Business, San Jose State University

Librarian Lynne worked for United Airlines for 11 years in purchasing and in engineering project management. She left United to be a full-time parent and school volunteer. When asked how she got into her volunteer position as school librarian six years ago, she said at one point she raised her hand and said "I'd LOVE to read out loud to the kids." Lynne does the same work that paid librarians do at the other school sites. Besides reading to the kids and helping them check out books each week, as school librarian, Lynne places orders for about 150 new library books each year, does an annual audit of the collection (with lots of parent helpers), cleans and organizes the library regularly and helps our teachers locate resources in the library. Her favorite book from her childhood is "Thirty-One Brothers and Sisters" by Reba Paeff Mirsky. She was surprised and delighted to find that KMES has a copy of this rare book.

Both of her sons have gone through Kings Mountain School; Tanner is currently in 5th grade here but Devon has moved on to Cunha Middle School. In her spare time Librarian Lynne enjoys reading (of course), traveling, camping, walking the coastside trail with her dog, Enzo, and going to the gym. But she can been seen most often at Smith Field attending her sons' numerous baseball practices and games.

She really values the responses to what students read. There is no greater joy for her than turning a kid onto a great book and finding they loved reading it. And of course she says..."I LOVE to read out loud to the kids!"
pic Amanda Hahn

Music Teacher
B.A., Music, Flute Performance, Boston University
Master of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Orff Schulwerk Teacher Certification, Mills College

Amanda has taught music in a variety of settings for thirteen years, including two years at Kings Mountain School. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She is drawn to the beautiful drive along the ridge and through the woods to arrive at Kings Mountain School. She is thankful for the help and generosity of the faculty and staff, too. What she is most proud about bringing to our school is her energy. She continues, "But really the students are the ones who bring out my (usually happy) energy!" She enjoys a host of activities in her spare time including hiking, camping, singing, yoga, body boarding and lounging in the sunshine. "Winnie the Pooh" is a favorite book of hers from childhood. Something Amanda really values in a student is genuine interest and enthusiasm, as well as a willingness to take chances creatively.

pic Joan McIntire

Science Teacher

Joan McIntire, our Science specialist, brings a host of experiences to her work in the second through fifth grade classrooms. A registered nurse in a previous life, Joan has been teaching for more than 25 years. She has held a range of posts beginning as a "parent Math aide" at Nueva Day School and then, an assistant to the Science specialist at Ormondale School. She taught Math and Science at the Charles Armstrong High School, a school for dyslexic students. For several years, she was Math and Science Department Chairperson at Drew College Preparatory School. And, for 16 summers, Joan taught Math at the Foothill College Academically Talented Youth Program, a program for gifted 5th-8th graders. A resident of the mountain for more than 30 years, Joan's husband is also a science teacher. Her stepdaughter, Erin, went to Kings Mountain School and is now attending Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. In addition to teaching, Joan loves gardening, animals, studying languages, and taking care of her granddaughter, Hayley. A favorite childhood book of Joan's is "Secret Garden." And naturally, what Joan what values most in a student is curiosity.
pic Hollie Nelson

Director, Kings Mountain Children's Center

Hollie Nelson is director of the Kings Mountain Children's Center this year. Her commitment to the Children's Center is apparent, as she was assistant director last year and ran the KMCC summer program as well. The children's safety is a number one issue for Hollie, but having fun is also a top priority. Hollie lives near the school, with her husband Rob, daughter Michelle and their family of animals. Her love for animals and interest in reading are some of the natural talents she brings to the Children's Center. If there is a rainy day with nothing to do, Hollie can always find an exciting craft to make or a project to do for both boys and girls. "Who knew this job would be the greatest blessing of my life?" she says.
pic Dulcie Grady

Instructional Aide
B.A., French Literature
CLAD Certification
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Born in Palo Alto, Dulcie has been teaching for ten years. Although her first year teaching at Kings Mountain School, she is not a newcomer altogether. Two of her three children attended the school. Both her daughter, Maggie (14) and son, Jack (20) were Kings Mountain students. She also has a daughter, Alexis (22).

What Dulcie likes most about our school is the feeling of peace the mountains give, the gentle, generous staff and the small size. She is most proud about bringing high standards and an understanding of the school's heritage. Her hobbies include caring for her pets, going to Renaissance Faires and reading. "Harold and the Purple Crayon" is one of her favorite childhood books. Something Dulcie really values in a student is curiosity and a drive to personal best.

pic Barbara Hutton
Senior Instructional Aide

Barbara, who is known to her students as "Princess Barbie", is a big part of the history at Kings Mountain School. She has been teaching for 28 years. She was born in San Francisco and is the mother to two sons and the proud grandmother of three grandchildren. What she likes about the school are the dedicated teachers. She says, "It's a place I can go to have fun!" She is most proud about bringing structure, consistency, compassion and humor to Kings Mountain School. When asked about her hobbies, she answers, "I used to sew; now I read until I fall asleep. It's about a five minute hobby." A favorite childhood book of hers is "The Pokey Little Puppy." Something Barbara really values in a student is drive and compassion.
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