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Outline/Proposal Requirements
Instructor: Diana Bennett Phone: 650.358.6769
Name:  Anne Bailey    
Date: 4/10/2007
Class: DW II
Project Title:  Revamp of KingsMountain Elementary School Website

Project Summary:
The current site ( ) was developed by a parent several years ago and is currently maintained by a former student.  Several parents at the site have expressed interest in having a change in design to include better information as well as an updated look. From a management perspective, I am interested in streamlining the links and facilitating uploads of new information. Summary:  better design, more content, easier maintenance both short and long term.

Target Audience:
The target audience is the school community; students, teachers, parents, and community members. The school is a small alternative elementary located on King’s Mountain. Although a part of Cabrillo Unified, the small school has its unique personality facilitated by a lot of parent involvement.  Some of their direction is independent of the District and part of the challenge is to facilitate the improvements that some are asking for without offending former developers and maintainers. Their linked newsletter portrays the variety of activities and interests that the school likes to have reflected. Giving the newsletter better prominence will serve much of the current content requirement. The school likes to advertise itself… with high test scores and a uniquely caring environment.

Targeted Message:
State a single-minded word or phrase that will appropriately describe the project once it is launched, and/or distributed.
Caring community of active teaching and learning

Asset List:
Provide a complete and detailed asset list. (Media components you will need to create and/or provide for the project.)
1. Menus/Navigation Similar categories as current site but better categorized.  (newsletter, calendars, staff, district, map/tour, EdFund, SiteCouncil, Teacher Resources, Science Links/ curriculum links
2. Copy Content (Text)
3. Graphics/Images  probably will use the logo but resize and change links
staff photos, activity/event photos
4. Audio
5. Video  perhaps a virtual tour
6. Menus/Navigation
7. Other pdf documents (driver form, medical forms, newsletters, minutes from parent groups, site plan.)